Heirloom Tomato Variety Mix #1 - (10 Varieties)

25.00 CAD

Over a $50 value. 50 Seeds per pack. These are mixes of 10 of our Heirloom Tomato varieties in each package. Varieties are: Orange-Red/ Yellow Stripe (Slicer), Siberian Surprize (Red Plum), Green/ Yellow Tiger (Slicer), Azoychka (Apricot Slicer), Apricot Big Cherry, Absinthe (Green with Yellow Hue Beefsteak), Blue Fruit Dwarf (Burgundy Dwarf), Lotus White (White Slicer), German Bi-Color (Pink-Yellow Marble Beefsteak) & Portuguese Ox (Pink-Red Ox). I can't guarantee there are even amounts of each variety as they are mixed seed. For variety reference look at our "Tomato Variety" catalogue on our menu bar. Note: Generic picture above.

Delivery: Ships in 2-3 days of ordering