Dwarf "Fred's Tie Dye" Tomato (Beefsteak)

5.50 CAD

25 seeds per pack. The Fred's Tie Dye Tomato is not an Heirloom as it is of the "New Dwarf" variety. A beautiful beefsteak tomato... Dark Burgundy-Red with a Metallic Green Stripe. Complex and wonderful in flavor. It is a excellent tomato that has a good yield. Dwarfs are a smaller plant 21/2- 5 feet varieties, that are bred as a container variety and some are cross bred with Heirloom tomatoes. Dwarfs are not Heirloom tomatoes because they have been developed in the last 15 years and only available starting in 2020. Note: $4.55 = $3.50 US.

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