Black Garlic

Making "Black Garlic" is an art... it is not easy to get it right.  It has an Umami flavor.  Some say, it can have a licorice, caramelized or even have chocolate tones to it..  To make Black Garlic, you  need a lot of garlic, patience, time and experience in making it to try and get quality consistency of your product.  Knowing the right time in the garlic's stage to process will also determine quality.   How long to process and which method to use is also another factor.  It is a test in extreme patience as the process takes time as well as in experimentation.   Black Garlic processing can be "pricey", especially if it is ruined in over processing which happens easily.   You will more than likely have failures until you hone in on all these factors shared above if you decide to have a try at it.  Our Black Garlic will be available at the end of August for sale.  If interested in ordering, you can place a pre-order anytime to reserve your Black Garlic by contacting us above as orders are limited. Patrons will only get charged at time of pick-up or at time of delivery ( takes approx. 2 weeks) when filling orders at the end of August.  One bulb for $6 or 2 for $11.  Shipping charges will be applied for mail-orders.