Our Freshly Baked Farm Breads:

We love making breads here on our farm and enjoy them with our clients and friends.... we have selected breads that we take orders for and need a minimum of a day ahead to place an order.   For Specialty Breads like "Sour Dough", we need 3 days ahead to allow time to further develop the starter for baking.  

Our Olive Oil and Boule Breads (White Breads or mixed Whole Wheat or Flax) are generally $4.50 each, with the exception of $5.50 each for "Sour Dough" and "Multi-grain Breads".  All our breads are artisanal which are made by hand only, in measuring, mixing and kneading and proofing (old school, no machines involved or specialty proofing racks) and baked in our oven.