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During the pandemic, we have sustained some life altering injuries since July of 2020, making it very challenging physically, and extremely challenging financially for not being able to physically work during this ongoing injury recovery process. The Pandemic has further made recovery worse by pushing surgeries further and getting doctor's appointments and therapy in person has been a real challenge as you can imagine.  After 4 surgeries between us and trying to hang on fiancially... we have depleted all our personal funds.  We find ourselves unable to meet our monthly "basic" necessities at this moment...  After a year of trying and hoping to recover quickly, we "still" have current ongoing recovery from further complications of a particular injury.  To our surprise unbeknownst to us, our injury insurance takes half of the payment owed to us, with no explanation when asked or paperwork showing deductions.  Had we not had these deductions we would have been able to just get by.  Trying to hold on to the farm is of our highest priority...  The prognosis and future is uncertain, but we try and stay positive always, which is challenging  most times.  Having to ask for help has been a humbling experience as we take pride in trying to be self-sufficient in everything we do.  We love helping others.   We give away our goods to ones we know can't afford it, help others in anyway we can and we love being generous as much as possible.  If you are feeling generous and would like to help support our "Not for Profit" farm at this time, to get back on our feet again... any donation would be incredible.  Some of our friends have given us a hand, by providing wood for winter, lending a hand on our little farm and have even bought more baked goods from us to help us out.  Their generosity will never be forgotten... Your support helps our daily basics and farm needs and our goal is to have support for another 6 month period through to next year in hopes that things will get better for us.   We are on social media (Youtube, FB and our rascalandcrowfarm.com) to let the public know we exist for ones interested in organic niche gourmet crops but get no monetary gains from them as of yet, which is a real challenge.   Having the social media platform helps us bring some fun and knowledge to those interested from our 22 + years of growing experiences.   We enjoy providing tips and illustrations as a learning aid and for entertainment.  If you wish to help with a much needed donation of any kind, you can address it to my personal name:  Claudine Gomes with my email at:  clawdinegomes@hotmail.com using the word "donation" as an easy password and Vancity is our "credit union" here in Canada ... We can do a Paypal or e-transfer donation or even a small cheque addressed to C. Gomes, 9217 Invermuir Rd., Shirley, BC Canada, V9Z 1G3.  Why not "Gofund" me you ask?... Our site here has the most viewer traffic and we just simply don't know many people for a Gofund Me account as an important factor to qualify for a account with them.  Your kindness and generosity at this difficult time  for us means the world to us...   Thank you for any support you guys!


About Us: 

For over 22 years our "Organic Heirloom micro Farm" has specialized in growing to date over 300 varieties of "rare" Heirloom Tomatoes... and counting.   Each year we grow 45 to 50 new, as well as rotation varieties to continue our favorite heirloom lineages.

Our Heirloom Tomato seeds are generally between 70 to over 250 years old in lineage.  Each of the tomatoes shown in our album above, have taken a minimum of 3 years to properly establish and adapt to our soil.  As we grow from seeds from all over the world, they can take time to adjust to our own environments.  Thus, we have noticed that after 3 plantings... an Heirloom from our own seed produces a robust plant with greater yields.   

 * In addition to our "rare" Heirloom Tomatoes...  our farm grows from seed to table each year approx. 20 kinds of Organic Heirloom Vegetables with a selection under each kind, 20 varieties of Gourmet Garlic, 18  Herbs, 11 varieties of Mints/Teas and 17 varieties of Berries (9 are wild).  Our goal is to grow organic crops and share with the community healthy, nutrient dense, delicious and flavorful produce. We are a "Not for Profit" farm and we are a non-certified, organic micro farm (for bureauocractic reasons).  Any monies received from sales are donations that go towards helping our farm supplies expenses.

 Note:  You will also find us on Facebook  and our "New" Youtube Channel.

* We supply The Greater Victoria Area.  We have a minimum quota of 5 lbs for Heirloom Tomatoes and a minimum quota of 1 lb of Gourmet Garlic). Assorted Garlic Variety Packs of 10 are very popular.  To place an order, you can use the menu bar above under "contact".

We add new pictures and information at the end of each season. Check out our "Menu" bar with sub-categories for more exciting pics.


Our vibrantly colored Heirlooms ready to eat.

A delicious "Caprese" Salad made from our Heirlooms here on our farm...

Selecting some of our Heirloom Tomatoes for seed saving...

Our beautiful little friend and fellow Foodie... "Chloe" enjoying our Heirloom Tomatoes at their home... (Picture, courtesy of her mom/dad). Eating our "Big Orange Stripe" Heirloom Tomato.

A 40lb order for an excited, long time client who patiently awaited them all season. Top layer box showing 2 inner boxes of 13lbs each.

Our "Black Garlic"... While quantities last, avalable last week of August. Can place a pre-order to assure availability spot by contact above.

Unique colors of our Gourmet Garlic, featuring variety packs for customers... We grow 20 Gourmet Garlic varieties.

Planting our "rare" Heirloom Tomato seedlings in one of our greenhouses in warm soil temperature on the 1st of June with minerals surrounding the plants. We select our best and strongest seedlings to plant from each variety.

One of our greenhouses growing mostly indeterminate Heirloom Tomatoes..

Some of our open-air growing boxes, which will be further expanding in the near future.

Open-air growing boxes with heirloom vegetables.

Our cat "Nico" on our veranda garden... with herb barrel planters in the background near some of our green houses and dwarf-grapes. Our hill at the far end is surrounded by Salmon berries, Elderberry, Wild Black-Berry, Huckleberry and Salal berries.

Our Pumphouse and Garden Supply/Potting Shed.

Our farms temporary sign...

Thank you for your support and visiting us...  we hope you enjoy our site's many albums.

Fermenting seeds for saving...



Albums "Growing Tomatoes" & "Gourmet Garlic"...learn step by step how we grow them.

We update all albums after the growing season.


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Rascal and Crow Farm